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Betty Baugh Decanter Selected for Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum collection

Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum has added Bettty Baugh's Decanter to its collection the form comes from the glass being blown between two pieces of ornate crown molding. This was announced by Alfred University as Betty Baugh is a graduate of their program.

Clients such as Nambe' rely on Betty Baugh to introduce new concepts and materials into their product line. Her Sunburst design fits with Nambe's reputation for Award winning hand crafted home decor items.

Housewares: Glassware: Glass Architectural Materials

Clients from around the world count on Betty Baugh Design to supply creative solutions for a variety of industrial design projects. Her typical design mediums include glassware, household products, ceramics and architectural fixtures.  

As an Award Winning Designer, Betty Baugh has the experience to ensure product design excellence. Recently, Betty Baugh was awarded membership in the IDSA Academy of Fellows (2003). This prestigious award represents a lifetime of achievement in design. Betty Baugh Designs' clients benefit from the breadth and depth of her knowledge of industrial product design.

Pictured above Tower Grater designed for Progressive International.

The purpose of good design

All good product design enhances the customer experience with the product. When Betty Baugh Design develops a product solution, usability, marketing strategy, and company brand strength are considered; with the goal of ensuring strong product placement for greater sales impact. After years of problem solving in many different product mediums, Betty Baugh is able to find new product design solutions through a keen understanding of the production opportunities and constraints.

What is excellence in industrial design?
Industrial or product design is about innovation while staying true to product functionality. To achieve this, a process must be followed. Betty Baugh Design process is to work closely with the client team to: 

Pictured on right is the Nautilus Sculptural Lid made of silicone.

Conduct a product/customer needs assessment;
Develop a thorough understanding of the product constraints;
Develop preliminary design concepts and sketches;
Create models and castings;
Ensure final design implementation;

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Pictured above is Libbey Glass Bouquet Line.